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Blanc de Blue

Blanc de Blue- Builderberry

Blanc de Blue- Builderberry

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Blanc de Blue Builderberry Collection

Blanc de Blue 2024 Spring collection 
Launching new Blanc de Blue Syrup gels.
You can see the innocent and pure mood of a berry.
Single color is also beautiful, but you can also pair two colors and it will turn out naturally stunning. 
Easy control and non wipe gel.

***TIP: You can also use chrome powder on top to make mirror nails !

SET- 10 pcs 


No.183 White Berry
No.184 Pinky Berry
No.185 Nude Berry
No.186 Brick Berry
No.187 Cheek Berry
No.188 Purolish Berry
No.189 Bear Berry
No.190 Honey Berry
No.191 Mude Berry

9ml per bottle

[How to Use]
UV-LED: 30 sec
UV: 60 sec

Made in South Korea
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