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Blanc de Blue

Blanc de Blue- De Vacance

Blanc de Blue- De Vacance

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Blanc de Blue De Vacance Collection

This set comes with 10 opaque color gels with high pigmentation.
Also sold individually.

SET- 10 pcs 


No.39 Beach of Jeju
No.40 Santorini of Greece
No.41 Great Bluehole
No.42. Night View of Las Vegas
No.43. Pink Lake of Australia
No.44 Sun of Spain
No.45 Sunset of Venice
No.46 Rapeseed of Seogwipo
No.47 Aurora of Iceland
No.48 Lavender of Provence

9ml per bottle

[How to Use]
UV-LED: 30 sec
UV: 60 sec

Made in South Korea
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