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Jel and Gel

Jel and Gel-Nudy Ade Season 1

Jel and Gel-Nudy Ade Season 1

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Jel and Gel Nudy Ade Season 1 Collection

This set comes with 10 syrup gels that are refreshing and vibrant
Also sold individually.

SET- 10 pcs 


JGS-011 Peach
JGS-012 Strawberry
JGS-013 Grapefruit
JGS-014 Blueberry
JGS-015 Orange
JGS-016 Mango
JGS-017 Lemon
JGS-018 Melon
JGS-019 Blue Lemon
JGS-020 Sesame

9ml per bottle

[How to Use]
UV-LED: 30 sec
UV: 60 sec

Made in South Korea
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