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Zephyros Cordless Nail Dust Collector [SM1811-MW]

Zephyros Cordless Nail Dust Collector [SM1811-MW]

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Technical Features

– 90 minutes to full charge

– Lasts over 3 hours at full speed caution, longer on lower speeds.

– Complies with SR13 guidelines with over 1.5 m/s down draught

– Available in 3 colors

-UKCA registered device

-FCC registered device

-CE registered device


Meaning of Zephyros

It is a god in Greek mythology that governs the wind blowing from the west.

The Zephyros nail dust collector is the product, using world’s first disposable filter for a single use.


1. It is hygienic.

2. Powerful suction power

3. There is no reverse flow phenomenon.

4. As disposable filter is used for a single use, initial absorption power is always maintained.

5. Easy to use due to ergonomic design.

6. Convenient to exchange based on out filter method.

7. Possible to regulate the intensity of suction force.

8. Lightweight due to the material, aluminum.

Colors: Silver, Gold, Pink

Size: Approximately 11.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches tall (at highest point)

Made in Korea

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