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Blanc de Blue

Blanc De Blue - Daileaves

Blanc De Blue - Daileaves

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The Daileaves Collection comes from nature of Autumn Leaves

This set comes with 12 opaque color gels with high pigmentation.
Also sold individually.
SET- 12 pcs 

No.159 Sango Kaku
No.160 Acorn
No.161 Freez
No.162 Rose Hip
No.163 Ginkgo
No.164 Cheokeberry
No.165 Harvest
No.166 Hazel
No.167 Aspen
No.168 Empetor
No.169 Ruby Stars
No.170 Kashima

9ml per bottle

[How to Use]
UV-LED: 30 sec
UV: 60 sec

Made in South Korea

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