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Jel and Gel

Jel and Gel Ggumi Gel (3D)

Jel and Gel Ggumi Gel (3D)

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Jel and Gel  Ggumi Gel (3D) Collection

This comes in a different colors of  5 jar of 3D nail in one set, total 2 set (10pcs)
Make different effects or shapes with these gels!

**If it hardens due to temperature, melt it in a warmer for 30-60 seconds before use.
 ** The higher the temperature of your hands, the products may be stickier
If it is too sticky, put it in the fridge for 3-5 minutes.

SET 1 - 5 pcs 
SET 2 - 5 pcs

EB-001 White
EB-002 Black
EB-003 Pink
EB-004 Brown
EB-005 Orange

SET 2 
EB-006 White (Pearl)
EB-007 Light Pink (Pearl)
EB-008 Dark Pink (Pearl)
EB-009 Peach (Pearl) 
EB-010 Purple (Pearl)
10g per jar

[How to Use]
UV/LED: 60 sec

Made in South Korea
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