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Sweet Candy

Sweet Candy- Around This Time

Sweet Candy- Around This Time

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Sweet Candy Around This Time Collection

Sweet Candy's Velvet Collection

These velvet gel polishes have a 2 way effect.
After curing, the polishes has natural opalescent gloss that shines gently.
If you put a matte top coat, the color comes out very softly

Also sold individually.

SET- 10 pcs 


No.456 Silverbronia
No.457 Diamond Frost
No.458 Macradenia
No.459 High Orange
No.460 begonia
No.461 Catleya Green
No.462 Blue Mist
No.463 snowdrop
No.464 Rock Violette
No.465 American Blue

10 ml per bottle

[How to Use]
UV/LED: 60 sec
LED: 30 sec

Made in South Korea
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